5 Things to Always Remember.. Come What may

Ever wondered about those not-so-pleasant incidents in our life? Sometimes, they are ignorable, don’t affect us at all; sometimes, they are trivial and we get over them quickly. But what about the ones which leave us debilitated, lost and devastated. Has this ever happened to you where it took just one incident to tear your world apart and it felt like this is the end of the world for you? Relax..because you will be able to get through it. Trust me..

It has happened to me. Twice. Good thing about the first one? I wasn’t mature enough to probably even understand what I had lost though I felt miserable and cried my heart out, kept crying all the time. I could do that since I was just twelve years old. I lost My Dad. I miss him, miss him a lot. The greatest part is even till today when there’s any discussion about him, everyone has great things to say about him. And well, as I was growing up I saw him and I have learned most from my Dad. He was a very vibrant, positive, and a cheerful soul. He was always willing to help people. Always willing to guide, always willing to understand and lend an ear to anyone at all. Apart from being a homeopathic doctor and working in a bank, he had an amazing knack for writing. I got to know about that later when I saw his piece of writings. And also, he was into theatre, used to perform on stages. I think that’s’ where I get my poetic and dramatics skills too 😉

Even though I lost him at an early age, I always have felt His presence in my life till date. Even for a single moment, I never felt that He’s not watching me or not with me. Even though he wasn’t physically present with me but he was there always. I used to always get motivated by it and wanted to be like him – a good human being, in life. He taught me to be good natured, no matter what. He taught me about those basic little things in life which are so important for one’s well being. I want to share, out of all those innumerable ones, the 5 basic things which he taught me,which I realize now that have stuck with me. Here they are, even though you all might have heard some of them a thousand times.

1. Remember, we all have the same needs: No matter what, we are all humans. We all seek for Love, kindness, peace, harmony and happiness within. Some people show it, most of them don’t. But it’s the ultimate truth that we all need love and kindness. Spread out that Love and kindness around. Remember the other one needs it as much as we do. Try it. Give it away to get it back. Even if you don’t get it back, it will make you feel good to see a smile on someone’s face and knowing that you are the reason for it. That’s what motivates me the most.

2. Bad experiences are necessary: Every bad experience has a positive outcome at the end of it. We might realize it sooner or later. Every bad experience is God’s way of making us stronger and letting us know that Life Moves On. It’s not the problems that should worry us, but our reactions to those problems. Do what’s in your hands; show the world that you’re strong. If you fall, get up again more firmly and start walking. That’s where your true strength of character comes out. And trust me all becomes well at the end.

3. Believe in the ‘Good’: Howsoever hard and tough this life seems at times, trust me, it’s beautiful. There’s a lot of goodness in this world. Don’t ever let any person/ incident make you lose trust in the good. “Good” ~ which I define as good things, good people, good life, good God. Give your best shot at all the times to everyone and every task. That’s all that’s expected of you.

4. Respect your self: Remember in all this, it’s very important to respect your own self and maintain dignity. Respect is earned, and how do you earn it? By being good, by doing good. By not harming anyone intentionally. By spreading love, knowledge and good deeds around. By hard work. By dedication. By holding your head high up at the end of the day when you look yourself in the mirror, that’s’ important. Stick to your values and morals, and at the same time, be flexible to changes which are meant for your good and the others around. And have the wisdom to understand about them.

5. Don’t forget to do the things that make you happy: Little things like dancing, listening to music, working out, reading, playing, trekking, meeting friends, partying, sitting alone. Whatever is it that make you happy, do it!! No second thoughts about that.

These are the 5 things for my first blog. Thank you for reading them through. Hope they made you smile and feel better? Please share your thoughts and experiences too, would love to hear them out 🙂


About soulfulshine

I am a believer in Love, God and Life. I believe that all those simple pleasures of everyday life are to be relished. Love is to be treasured. Kindness need to be rendered. And only we have the power to make our dreams come true, no matter what. Spread happiness , be good :)
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42 Responses to 5 Things to Always Remember.. Come What may

  1. Avinash Rath says:

    I guess i am pretty late in posting a comment for this blog. I just got a chance to read it today. Do you remember? Once you told me about turning the bad experiences into good long back when you were in Bangalore for some training. I remember your words even now and believe me they did a lot of good to me. I think i have learnt the art to move on for new good start. No defeat is final until you decide to give up and every failure gives you the opportunity to undo your mistakes and start again more intelligently. You rock gal. thanQ. – Avi

    • soulfulshine says:

      Hey Avinash,
      I’m so glad they worked for you and it’s a pleasure for me to know that you still remember them! Thanks so much for your kind words :))
      And congratulations for your wedding! God bless 🙂

  2. kenneth holmes says:

    My Eyes are opened wide but I cannot see .
    My Eyes are filled with tears and it is all because of thee.
    Your fathers goodness shines out of your eyes, he lives on through you .
    Your love of of humanity ,your joyfulness,and spirituality,ring so true

  3. Neelabh says:

    Dear Riya!
    This is exactly what I meant..U have it in you..I am very unfortunate that I could not meet Real you while we were there in Pune…What a Post yara…You will Rock..
    Believe me you have this spark in you…and a beautiful Soul is there to Guide you..So take necessary chances and Rule this world…Chak de phatte..

  4. Anubhuti Bajaj says:

    I have read it a number of times by now to truly deeply relish it and I completely appreciate the tremendous effort that has gone into the thought behind it.
    I valued it not only because its how and what you feel but also because it was about someone I have looked upto all my life :)!
    All the memories I have made in my childhood are so very special only because of him. Be it the Panchsheel trips, the birthday parties he arranged for all kiddos every time, all tables he made us learn ;), and the list is endless.
    Apart from all those fun filled moments he filled our lives with , he taught us the real essence of life , the zest and positivity that makes life so easy, fun and livable and the strength that comes within from just being a selfless human being !!
    I am glad to see that reflection in you and I hope that you maintain it with utmost ‘Modesty’, because being a good human being is difficult but the real challenge is being silent and modest about your thoughts and deeds. And as we may all agree that actions speak louder than words and also last forever …
    May HE continue to bestow upon his blessings on all of us as always and I am sure had a proud smile after reading what his most precious possession ( that is, you) had to say and for what you are today.. Make HIM proud just like that …. always!!

    • soulfulshine says:

      Thanks so much di! I value and truly appreciate you reading my special first blog.

      U bet, the list is endless.. I remember the morning and evening walks, the dictations everyday, the queues that we all used to form to eat that bitter thing called ‘set'(remember?), various stories always ending with a ‘moral’and so much more! Awww, such cherished memories 🙂

      Yes, I absolutely agree with you and believe that: Even while you taste success and soar high, it becomes all the more necessary to keep your feet firm on the ground (as you mention modesty).

      Its my honor to be His daughter and have Him as my father, my teacher, my guide and my light. And yes, and I feel so very special and delighted and full of glory to be His prized possession! Gee 😀

      Thanks again di! 🙂 Love you!

  5. supriya says:

    Its an amzaing blog…u almost made me cry and smile too…after reading this i feel more positive…it really helped me to forget bad things and move in life and thats what u always do to people…good work and keep on writing thses blogs…
    All the best

  6. soulfulshine says:

    @ All ~ Thanks so much all of u for your lovely words and encouragement.. They mean a lot! And apologies in advance for not ‘specifically’ replying to each one.. At the same time, wanted to make sure U all know how much it means to me that u took out time to go through my blog and leave ur thoughts!!! It certainly is a pleasure reading them 🙂

    As some of U mentioned – the next Blog.. Honestly, never really thought about that while I was writing this one and I don’t know when will I be coming up with my next,but with this kinda love and motivation, I will definitely think about writing another one and hope to do justice to ur expectations 🙂

    Keep your thoughts and suggestions pouring in….

    Love!! God Bless!! And stay smiling always 🙂 ❤

  7. Priyanka says:

    I remember the day when I”d clearly stated to you that…u musst continue to pursue your flair for Penning down your thoughts….
    so simple , yet so thought provoking….and also, as had mentioned, I do relate to what you write….
    My bestest wishes on your first blog….beautifully compiled and expressed…
    Heartening to see you share wonderful memories of uncle….
    As said..tough times make you stronger….and Uncle must be really Happy up there to see his little doll grow up into a strong beautiful woman with a lovely heart…all his qualities inculcated…
    Keep spreading the goodness and wisdom around….
    You ave a long way to go…..rock it..
    much love !!!

  8. AMIT says:

    “Seriously…… it’s the third time I am trying to write some comments and third time in a row,I am speechless!!! Hats off to you, a standing ovation. I seriously salute you for what you are buddy. We know each other from last 14-15 years now but we never discussed about this thing so deeply the way u have put it here, but m happy. Salute you again for being there for each and everyone in ur life and bringing a smile on everyone’s face by just being U. everybody should follow what u have written,, its awesome!! Keep it up!!!!M just writing what I am feeling, so if any spelling mistakes, U know what to do..,, not to forget , u have been my English teacher too during skooltime… Let people read and make their life as positive from this as they can. Well done buddy. Congratulations and looking forward EAGERLY for your next blog.. infact, desperately waiting for it and m sure everyone else will be motivated from that too…  So three cheers for Riya.. Hip Hip Hurray!!! U are amazing! God Bless uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu )) “

  9. Shweta Chadha says:

    Well…my time to leave my thoughts on the blog..rcvd this today after ur call 🙂
    Sweetheart we know each other from last 10 years..but honestly we didn’t discuss much about the above mentioned but yeah one thing I can say is…I couldn’t draw much line b/w ur traits and Uncle’s as you are the same beautiful soul as Uncle was.

    I can summarize it in only one line..
    “person who come’s out after what may happen is the real Winner”…
    So keep writing sweety… 😉 Misss ya loads…
    Ur Shwetu…

  10. Roshi says:

    hey riya,

    Feeling great to read your first blog… I am not surprsied at all…….i knw you & expect a lot from you….Very nice riya…….. keep it up.. this is just a starting, u have a long way to go.. God bless & do well in life.

    & Keep writing

    Roshi Tiwari

  11. Tushar says:

    Hi Chetna ,

    Welcome to the world of blogging!!! And that to with a bang!!!…..

    I completely enjoyed ur first piece…..One thing I am certain about ur first blog or any writing of urs is that u always write with utmost honesty and from the heart(coz thats the kind of person u are)…….Which comes from ur life’s experiences or from ppl u’ve interacted with or simply ur beliefs ……

    I really liked how you made ur post it in a point format ….because it makes reading enjoyable and easy (zenhabits style ehh 😉 ) Plus it works best for ppl like me who are extremely restless…..It makes us feel like we are trying to find out the # 1 track on the billboard….hahah

    Now abt ur post and on the serious side…. Since these are the things that you learnt from ur dad….I can well imagine what a beautiful soul he must have been and good to learn that he was into theatre and plays and a avid writer…….and totally agree with all of them…..Personally I still struggle adjusting to point number 2 ……..as I suffer from the “Why does it happen to me” syndrome…which im sure most us go through in our life…..

    I guess knowing the kind of person you are, u handle bad experiences or difficult situations pretty well….Why don’t you share with us your thought process or your mantra to cope with them…. in ur future blogs….Not bad for an idea 😉

    Cheers!!! To many more such posts
    Keep writing!!!

    P.S > You mentioned in the first line that u’ve had such sort of incidents ‘twice’ but you discussed just one. I guess the second one will surely have more than 5 points and will feature in ur next post ;-)……..

  12. Ramesh "Rey" Ramanujan says:

    Excellent Riya. Gud to see someone having such high maturity and wisdom in such an young age. Neways, looking forward to more such meaningful posts. God Bless!!!

  13. kawal says:

    heyy dis is a gr8 piece of writing first up….lots of positive thngs which can make a huge difference in peoples life..so keep dis gr8 wrk going….all d best ….:)

  14. Ashish Khurana says:

    My Little Angel God bless you; You have spread a lot of goodness and positive vibes in me and as well as in others around U about which you’d probably never know! Its because of U that I am so positive in my life today and everything to me seem easy and good. I think its the first time u hv ever written anything in public/ an open forum::;; Angel i am the luckiest person on this earth that i have a sweet angel like u in my life.Love u my love, i can clearly read your heart out…u have the sweetest soul in this whole world….

    • soulfulshine says:

      @ Ashish ~ Hey.. thanks a bunch!!! Awww,I am truly touched!! And as u know, I’m glad if I am able to make a difference in someone’s life for good, I don’t think there’s anything more that I can ask for!

      Not to forget, you are truly a wonderful person yourself. I haven’t met anyone as mature, sensible, patient and as loving as U. We should all learn from you the lessons of being patient, how to love someone truly and be kind:)

      And yes,Thanks for being there and for always encouraging me to take up writing publicly.

      God Bless U!

  15. jyoti arora says:

    hi,dear i dont have enough words,but that was a rocking fst blog.happy to read something direct from heart in todays scenario.b o luck.

  16. Priyanka "Pinkoo" :) says:

    Hey, dats quite touchy…. very inspiring !!!!

    Point 3 & 5 – are my top priority in daily life… I believe in “GOOD” and i do dance bcos dats makes me more happy and cheerful 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Looking forward to read more from u ……

    Hugs, Regards & Love !!!!

    • soulfulshine says:

      @ Priyanka ~ Thanks a ton dear! Great to know that you also believe strongly in those points. And you are indeed a great dancer , i have seen you performing! Keep up the smile and cheerful front as always.

      From dancing I have to mention ..Dancing is something that’s my passion too 🙂 That makes me forget all the worries of the world and keep my spirits alive.
      I think we should all devote sometime everyday to those things which we love and the ones that bring a smile to our faces. Thanks for sharing yours here 🙂
      Love and hugs! 🙂

  17. Aditya says:

    Good post…Looking forward for more… God bless…

  18. Roy says:

    Hello my talented and ever smiling Riya,
    The first thing I liked about this page when I opened it was the image at the top of the page – the picture of a harsh, snowy winter. I do not know if it had been chosen by you or by the site randomly but it gave the same message in a thoughtful way similar to your blog – no matter how harsh life appears to be there is always hope !
    I would not say anything about your writing style because I have already spent three beautiful years reading and appreciating your flair. Now it is time for the world to know how easily you can share and spread the deeper and finer meanings of life; that is your style Riya, that is what makes you so unique.
    A beautiful beginning, I mus say. But I am sure the best is yet to come !
    Keep writing – we shall look up to your writings whenever we are in doubts and sorrow.

    • soulfulshine says:

      @ Roy ~ The picture is given by the site and hey, Wow.. U made me see the connection of the picture with my post… Only a deep and profound thinker can connect such things and put it beautifully! 🙂

      Thanks so much for your encouraging, kind and wonderful words! They truly are appreciated and mean a lot!!! 🙂

    • kenneth holmes says:

      Amen .
      I echo your sentiments

  19. mydrawingbook says:

    Thanks riya for writing such a wonderful blog and spreading GOOD around. while i was reading it, i came to know what a wonderful person u are, yes this is what is expected by the one who send us here”god” he sent us to spread happiness,i m happy you r spreading it the right way. all want to say here is “Life is not about waiting for the rain to stop,it’s about dancing in the rain”. and i can see u dancing …luv u…muaaah…

    • soulfulshine says:

      @Mydrawingbook ~ Hey thanks for your lovely and kind words 🙂 It’s all my pleasure if I can make even a l’il difference in someone’s life. Yes, I agree with what you have said given that I Love rains and dancing in them too 🙂

  20. Riya, welcome to the world of blogging!

    What a great first post you have written. Very moving and from the heart.

    I can relate with you becase I too lost my father – almost 3 years ago, but clearly I was much older than you were when you had your loss.

    It’s great that you can now share your memories of your late father and all the lessons you learnt from him. He clearly did a great job in making you who you are today.

    Funnily enough, a while ago I also wrote a couple of articles about the lessons I learnt from my father. Here are these articles which I hope you will enjoy and also realte to your own father:-



    Take care and keep up the writing. You have made a great start.

    • soulfulshine says:

      @ Arvind ~ Thanks so much Arvind.

      Oh, I am sorry to hear about that.

      Thanks. I am very proud of sticking to all the above things and many more that I SAW in him. and another thing which I realize is that “Children will learn most by seeing what parents do themselves rather than what they tell their children to do”. I also wrote a poem for My dad on My b’day about 5 years ago which talks about what all I saw in Him and how each action he did in everyday mundane life contributes to my being a better human being today 🙂

      Great posts there. I can absolutely relate to them. And for me too, it was like “I am beginning to see my father through new eyes as I realise just what he meant to so many people.”

      Thanks again for all your kind words and motivating me! U have a major part in it , u know 🙂

    • kenneth holmes says:

      Greeting I am English,yes I know a savage!lol
      your story just touched me ,end of story .

  21. soulfulshine says:

    @ Jyoti ~ Yes, Life is indeed beautiful with beautiful people like you around. Thanks for the encouragement, means a lot ! 🙂

  22. Jyoti Saini says:

    Life is beautiful… is all I want to say here…
    5 things for first blog are good…:)… Way to go….

    • kenneth holmes says:

      I made it ,wow your lovely place how comfortable it is .
      Your father,s mind is so like mind,his thoughts are so like mine,
      Uncanny,different culture same place,
      Your father was were I want to be .
      my father was a monster,his advise was,” this the best place to hit someone to cause the most pain”,,he beat my mother, diminished her everyday ,he died in agony no pity did I feel, he I did not think that to be my Face Book friend would
      be appropriate,the age gap would be would be a barrier ,but now I see you are Jyoti and we are so close,I would be honored,but that is up to you,
      You are credit to your father ,I too feel his presence, he is universal as is my first wife part of our lifes for ever.

      • soulfulshine says:

        Hi Kenneth,
        Thanks so much for your kind words! And so glad to once again see that at the human level, we are all the same – the place, the culture doesn’t really matter and kindness and love are two things that make this world go round.
        I am sorry to hear about how your father was. But I know you make a great dad and your wife and kids are lucky to have you.
        Keep smiling 🙂 God Bless!

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