In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on!

I am sure there’s no one on this earth who has never experienced sadness, hurt, loneliness or pain. And sometimes, with such intensity that you think this is the end……

Losing a loved one, a break-up, emotional mood swings loneliness etc. There have been times when I felt so down and out that it took me a long time to come out of my shock/hurt of a particular incident. Now sometimes, it doesn’t take much time to get over it and return back to your normal self, and sometimes, it could take you long!

Doesn’t matter what your getting over time is, but one thing for sure- you will get over it. The main thing to realize over here is (when you’re going through such situation/phase) is what you tell yourself.

Change is the Only Constant

Yes, it is. Change – people change, situations change, life change, and everything changes. And change is good. As long as that change makes you a better human being, makes you grow and makes you live your life better, it is good.

You ‘OWN’ your Life

Yes, the second most important thing to know is that your life is in your own hands. I have probably repeated this many times in my blogs/writings/tweets or even everyday conversations so much that it’;s like my life mantra. And well, it’s a fact! Only you are responsible for your life.  You either make it or break it – Only YOU. Remember, no matter what the situation is or how bad it hurts – you have the power to be strong and move on. And there’s that unbelievable strength present in all of us, we just need to realize it. God has made you extremely strong – trust me on that one! 🙂

Stay Positive

Sounds Clichéd eh? I know it’s very hard to stay positive when you are feeling really low. It’s especially true in the cases of a severe heartbreak or when you lose a loved one. You start thinking about all the things that ‘were’ good and are now ‘bad’, right? Don’t. For a moment, stop right there and listen to me. It’s very easy to let all those negative thoughts crawl over your mind and have power over you to make you more sad, depressed and unhappy. Don’t let it happen. Tell yourself all the good things that you shared with the person and accept the fact that their role in your life is now over. They have played their part in your life story and it’s time for you to move on. Now, of course the memories will always remain and let those memories make you smile. (This, in case you lose a loved one). Some memories can bring pain as well, and if they do, realize it’s not worth your thinking. (This, in case someone you knew didn’t deserve you, broke your heart and left you).

(I will, in my upcoming blogs, might talk in detail about the two cases, but for now – this is enough) 🙂

Give Love, Receive Love

Love – I could really just go on and on about this one subject and never stop. But let me not do that for now.

“A careless word may kindle strife. A cruel word may wreck
a life. A timely word may level stress. But a loving word may heal and bless”.

It’s very easy to fall in a trap of a world where we don’t see much love or loving words today. Don’t. Love is a very strong force and in my opinion the only thing that actually makes this world go around. Had there been no love whatsoever, the world wouldn’t have existed or moved forward. Show your love and be open to receive love. Love is a healer, a protector and will always make you feel good. Be with people who love you and whom you love, who make you feel good about yourself and appreciate you for what you are. In turn, appreciate others as well, see the good in them. Love yourself and others. Spread the love and feel the bliss take over 🙂

Stay in the ‘Present’ moment

I see a lot of people dwelling upon their past, especially older people. If you ever sit with your granny, you’ll notice how they only keep talking about the stories from their past, almost always! I noticed it. She is always talking about how their life was better when they were kids, or when they got married etc. Well, that’s probably because they are in that age where now they only relish those memories and don’t do much today to be really engrossed in today. And I am not very sure if you can actually convince older people to also enjoy their present but I’d suggest you take a chance at least. There’s no harm in trying. Like I, sometimes, do ask questions to my granny about what she likes today or how she thinks the life of today is? I insist to take her out sometimes to have a cup of coffee and my success ratio is probably 1/100. At least this makes her live and enjoy in the present for sometime, right?:) I try and keep her updated about the latest news (the advancement in technologies, spirituality, etc.) to make her a little more aware each day. I try my bit like this, I wouldn’t lie 🙂

Now coming back to staying in the ‘present’, and I don’t know if some older people are reading this (if they are, I am so glad if I’m able to reach you). Remember, you are still alive!  Make the most of it. And for the young people, you aren’t a grandparent or even a parent yet, in some cases. You don’t want to probably stick to your past from now and ruin what the present has to offer you, right now. Open your eyes to the present and start ‘living’ instead of just ‘existing’.  There are always opportunities waiting for you, but only if you are conscious enough to notice them. Opportunities for being happy, for being content and the opportunity for moving on – don;t unnecessarily delay. And make your ‘present’ memorable and happy enough to share your stories when you become a grandparent.. .Err.. Better still, just click pictures and show them when the time comes rather than narrating the same stories again and again 😉 🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading this .Leave your comments and suggestions and do share your experiences and contributions. Would love to hear your point of view!God Bless! Keep smiling 🙂


About soulfulshine

I am a believer in Love, God and Life. I believe that all those simple pleasures of everyday life are to be relished. Love is to be treasured. Kindness need to be rendered. And only we have the power to make our dreams come true, no matter what. Spread happiness , be good :)
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9 Responses to In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on!

  1. kaala kavva says:

    Yeah I kinda broke up this week.. and nothing helps.

    • soulfulshine says:

      Hey! I am sorry to hear about your break-up. Just give yourself some time and everything should be okay ! My wishes are with you ! Take care . God bless

      • kaala kavva says:

        Ha, that was so long back! I was feeling terrible in December. Then we made up. And broke up again, felt terrible again. Now life is really good again.

        • soulfulshine says:

          Omg ! Wow, see..? All u gotta do is give it time 🙂 so glad to hear all’s good with you ! Life has been really busy for me since December (my latest post should explain that )😉 so thats why the delay in response. Nevertheless, all’s well that ends well .😃

  2. Atul says:

    agree… my personal moto typically has been live life a day at a time and enjoy what comes your way on that day

  3. Tanmay says:

    Hello there I read your blog, its positive from the word go. good job.
    Please read my blog its kind of related may be you will like it.

  4. Priyanka Bora says:

    As I have said this….I could always relate to your thoughts and words…..yes.., no matter what happens…. life does move on…. as they say.. good times or bad times…nothing remains forever ; nothing….. but your good will and spirit can and should ! only and only these 2 factors and get you sailing thorough it. and None, but only you are the one who can tell yourself to believe in it and action though it.
    donno about others , but your words have always been awe inspiring and motivating….
    Keep shining…keep smiling..keep writing….. Sunshine…..
    much love !!!

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