A new mom … Candid and random!

IMG_12800Babies are miracles – truly God’s best gift to the families. And once the baby is at home, all the attention goes to them. But what about the mothers? Though it’s the most taxing time for her, but nobody is really bothered to ask her as to how she is doing, whether she would like to go out someday, how can anybody be of any help to them etc. etc. It’s funny but true. For the one who has taken all the pain – literally :P(physically, mentally, and emotionally) to bring a new life into this world, nobody really makes the effort to call her for ‘her’ and not the baby (if you know what I mean) 😉 In India specially, it’s taken for granted that a woman who is the mother has to do all and nobody will thank her. All of a sudden, she has to be responsible now that she is a mother. But wait a minute.. She is probably still only in her 20’s or maybe 30’s, right? And she is the one who has a personality of her own and a mind of her own. She loves to go out, meet people, she knows how to enjoy her life, she has been an independent career woman maybe and she smiles all the time. Then, why all of a sudden, it’s expected out of her to not go out as much, and not spend a life that she has been spending till now? To which she has already made that change – she doesn’t go out as often as she would like to, she doesn’t take out time for her social circle anymore. But do people really think about her sacrifices or her situation?  Most people don’t. When would people start asking about the mother too along with the baby? And when would the family members start appreciating a mother whose life has taken a complete u-turn because of the new baby. I’m not saying that babies shouldn’t get attention- of course, they are the ones who need our utmost attention and care, but it won’t hurt to ask the sleepless and exhausted mother once in a while as to how is she coping up, right? Or to appreciate and thank her for all the pains that she has taken to bring this new life into this world and now taking care of a baby 24*7? Or to invite her out for a coffee/chat someday, or to visit her and even to tell her that she is being missed when she is not able to attend all the parties that her friends invite her to 🙂 It just makes her feel nice amidst all the chaos and the sudden change that she is dealing with in her life. No doubt once the babies grow up (and I’ve heard they grow up really fast), she would have more time to spend living her life but still 70-80% is devoted to the kids. She would still keep taking care of her home, her work, manage the kids and never ask for appreciation from anyone. And isn’t all this a LOT that she has already done/ doing on a daily basis? Still, people won’t appreciate it or do things things for her that might make her feel nice. She is the one who, in spite of being totally stressed out and overwhelmed, will still smile for her baby to make him/her smile and entertain him/her. Isn’t that something wonderful – that’s what only a mother can have – SELFLESS LOVE. Oh and i just realized that mother’s day is not far.it’s coming soon! So, maybe i wrote this at the right time – a tribute to all the new moms- just like me 🙂 😉

Please leave your comments/feedback on what do you think of this random candid post of mine ! 😉 🙂 No complaints- just true honest feelings! Much Love .


About soulfulshine

I am a believer in Love, God and Life. I believe that all those simple pleasures of everyday life are to be relished. Love is to be treasured. Kindness need to be rendered. And only we have the power to make our dreams come true, no matter what. Spread happiness , be good :)
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4 Responses to A new mom … Candid and random!

  1. Prerna says:

    First of all, how are you ?? Second , how’s the baby doing ?? 😀😀 jokes apart I read the whole thing n yes I agree to each n every word. I just loved it though I had a fight with my mom this afternoon only , but after reading this I am gonna go n apologies , all thanks to you 😊😊😊

    • soulfulshine says:

      Hi Prerna, m good and the baby is fine too , thanks 😃😃 haha! I really appreciate you taking out time to rea it and liking it 🙂 Aww, m glad I could make u see a different perspective about moms! And yes, we all do fight with our moms all the time but sometimes we forget that how much sacrifice she has done for us all throughout our lives! And a mom’s love is unconditional, so m sure she will forgive you 🙂 Go ahead, give her a hug from my side too ❤️ lotsa love to u !!

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