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I am a believer in Love, God and Life. I believe that all those simple pleasures of everyday life are to be relished. Love is to be treasured. Kindness need to be rendered. And only we have the power to make our dreams come true, no matter what. Spread happiness , be good :)

A new mom … Candid and random!

Babies are miracles – truly God’s best gift to the families. And once the baby is at home, all the attention goes to them. But what about the mothers? Though it’s the most taxing time for her, but nobody is … Continue reading

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In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on!

Life Goes on Continue reading

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Realize Your Power!!!!

Have you ever realized the power of each and every moment in your life? Choice – It’s that you have a Choice you make every single moment… There’s a decision involved in whatever you do – whether it’s regarding the decisions … Continue reading

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Be Beautiful! . .

“Beauty. We all are it. Its just that my beauty, your beauty, his beauty, her beauty, they’re all different.” Author Unknown. Beauty is not in the face, but rather a light in the heart that shines through and until you … Continue reading

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Osama Killed – Two Worlds Exist! Ways to Combat Negativity.

The news of Osama being killed has arrived and well, it’s a sigh of relief for the world – and here, I am talking about a world full of people who love justice, are against war and violence, are positive … Continue reading

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5 Things to Always Remember.. Come What may

Ever wondered about those not-so-pleasant incidents in our life? Sometimes, they are ignorable, don’t affect us at all; sometimes, they are trivial and we get over them quickly. But what about the ones which leave us debilitated, lost and devastated. … Continue reading

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